Halloween Impersonator

My friend Emily and I are in the nursing program together and we showed up to class on Halloween and two of the guys who always sit next to us, were dressed up like us and were sitting in our seats! It was hilarious! Dustin was me with his short wig, and Chass was Emily with his long wig! So funny! Then for Halloween night, Drew and I went trick or treating with some of Emily's little sisters! We love candy and we love to dress up so it was awesome. I was the wicked witch and Drew dressed up like and Alpine Yodeler! We love holidays!

Going to NY

So we are heading to the big apple for Thanksgiving. Everybody tune your TV's in because I am dead set on appearing in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade! We will be in NY for the whole week and we can't wait! Here we come Christmas shopping! Here I come China town and H&M!

More summer fun!

A few more pictures from the summer...this is Drew, McKenna, and Liam in Cali at Marley's houseI went to El Paso Texas for a week to watch my brother Kory play some Pro ball, but I only got to see five innings cause it rained the whole week! What a bummer!
Drew and I went cruisin on Lake Tahoe! Thanks Dad for a great time on the wave runner!

Sorry I have been so lame and have taken months to post. I guess that's what happens when you try and work plus do school. Oh well! Good luck to everyone who is starting school and we can't wait to see you all very soon!

Life has been crazy!

Well I started school and Drew did too! It's my last semester and then I am done in December! Wahoo! I honestly can't believe how close we both are to being done with our college careers. Here are a few pictures from the rest of our summer fun! It was a blast! I love summers!

Drew's birthday party in Sacramento

Us at Lake Tahoe! It was a blast!

Fun Times in Seattle

It was a much needed break. I put in long hours and spoke to a lot of people the last couple of weeks. A visit from Krista and my parents was just what the doctor ordered. Here are a few pics from our trip.

Snoqualmie Falls has a longer drop than Niagra Fall!

We visited the temple.

During a walk along the pier Krista bumped into her secret love from Grey's Anatomy, Dr. McDreamy.

Together At Last!

So I finally flew out to Seattle to see my Drew! We are having so much fun! We look like little tourists traveling all over the city. The weather has been perfect...80-slightly breezy-and no clouds (which is very unusual for Seattle). Here are just a few pictures from our last two days together!
This is us at the Crab Pot: They give you a bucket full of seafood (crab, shrimp, clams, oysters, etc) then they give you a mallot and a bib and let you go to town! I loved it!

This is at the beach across the street from Drew's pad...the lucky little duck!

Here we are at the troll that lives below the Fremont Bridge, in his hands is an actual VW bug!

Well I will post the rest of our pics (hopefully) at the end of the trip! Thanks for all the friendships from everyone while my hubby is away! I appreciate all of you!

Seattle Update

I have been here just over two weeks. I am starting to settle into a groove. I eat, sleep, and breath pest control. I wake up in the middle of the night with nightmares of emarrassing moments on the door at a customers house. If any of you think that door to door salesmen are annoying, I'm not that type, trust me. I am far from it, I love talking to people and I have fun doing it. My friend Chase has all our pictures on his camera. They'll be posted as soon as he uploads them. Seattle is beautiful. If you're in Cedar City please keep Krista company, she is working really hard and I miss her tons.


I wanted to thank you all for voting on our blog. Unfortunately, I, Drew needed to come to Seattle for a few weeks to sell pest control. (Hi from seattle!) It will only be for a short time and I will keep you posted on all the happenings on the West Coast! Please keep Krista company and in good spirits.

I love being the favorite aunt!

My brother and his wife had their little baby boy...Karstan! He is adorable! His big sister Shaylee loves him almost as much as she loves me! I got to hold him for the first time yesterday and he was the sweetest baby. He is one of the only babies to make me actually want one!

He loves to sleep! Look at his cute little gumdrop nose!
He actually peed on my brothers pants during this picture! Look at his smile! Little devil!

Shaylee loves her picture taken...she is absolutely adorable!

Husband Tag

What is his name: Drew Jordan Rykert...AKA Swomo #51
How long have you been married: 21/2 years
How old is he? 25 in August (hope I don't forget his b-day this year)
Who eats more? Well he eats more food but I sure love marshmellows!
Who said I love you first? He did, I had him at hello
Who is taller? He is slightly by 2 and 3/4 inches
Who sings better? Let's just say singing isn't a fine quality that either of us possess
Who is smarter? He is a genius, but then again I am pretty freakin smart too
Whose temper is worse? Well depends on whose time of the month it is
Who does the laundry? When I do it, I do both of ours, but when he does it...he only does his
Who does the dishes? We both do them. That is one great thing about marriage!
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? me
Who cooks dinner? usually me, unless I am enduring my never ending nursing homework schedule
Who drives when you are together? That is a touchy subject because I think the man needs to drive but he says that it's only fair to switch off (but I usually fake sleep in the first few minutes so he ends of driving)
Who is more stubborn? Well...I have no idea on that one
Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? I am never wrong but because I am a born peacemaker...I always say sorry first
Whose parents do you see the most? Mine but only because...well just mine I guess
Who has more friends? We have the exact same number of course
Who has more siblings? We have the same siblings too, but he has more in-law siblings
Who wears the pants in the family? Well I kinda do but then he does and then we switch...I guess you could say they are unisex pants!
I tag: Kelly (mostly because she doesn't have a single post), Lizzy, and everyone I guess!

Drew Rocks My Socks

So Drew graduated from institute this last week and I am so proud of him (it could possibly be because I have only passed two institute classes in all 5 years of college)! He is so incredibly fantastic that I just wanted to post a ton of his pictures so everyone could see how amazing he is. I have been really "on edge" lately and the poor guy just puts up with me! What a great guy. Love ya toots!

Drew with his amazing achievement...Institute Graduation!
This was so funny! He drove the scoot to church and came home looking like this!

Here he is at Stone Mountain just havin a good ol time! Isn't he hot?!

What Women Want Expo

My friend Kellie came down this last weekend and we went to the expo in St. George where some of our friends had a booth. We wandered for hours (4 to be exact) up and down aisles of booths. We were stopped by a lady who did spray tanning and she asked us if we wanted a free spray tan. I of course said yes to anything that was free, and she gave me this little outfit to change into. The only catch was the fact that I had to be sprayed in front of everyone! Well, as you can tell by the pictures, I definitely wasn't afraid of people I don't know! The spray ended up being super dark and I started to sweat so my legs have this white stripe where the sweat rubbed on my boots! Oops!

I'm standing in my grass hut hoping that nobody I know walks by the booth!

She is spraying me and it feels like freezing cold water!
(notice my thigh is already way tanner than my stomach)

I'm all sprayed and I kind of feel sticky!

Queen Bee and Kellmeister at the bowling alley...and Drew!

Finally...enough time to blog!

Okay, Okay...I am sick of everyone telling me how lame my blog is, but apparently nobody has ever heard of a rigorous nursing program that allows no spare time for anything! So here is the low down on the Rykert's! Krista is sadly not graduating in May...she has to wait until December. Drew isn't graduating in May either! He has decided to continue his education and get a double bachelor's degree next May (can I say overachiever!). :) We still aren't sure of our summer plans but as of today...Krista is staying in Cedar and applying at Kolob, Drew will be doing Maymester and then leaving for Seattle in June to sell pest control. We will then re-unite in August as long lost lovers and live happily ever after, or at least until graduation!

Spring 2008

We're setting out to be spiritually great in 2008. Krista is in her third semester of the nursing program. I am taking 20 credits to graduate this May with a bachelors in Psychology. We are enjoying our new home. We love spending any free minute we have with each other, just lounging around watching some T.V.