Halloween Impersonator

My friend Emily and I are in the nursing program together and we showed up to class on Halloween and two of the guys who always sit next to us, were dressed up like us and were sitting in our seats! It was hilarious! Dustin was me with his short wig, and Chass was Emily with his long wig! So funny! Then for Halloween night, Drew and I went trick or treating with some of Emily's little sisters! We love candy and we love to dress up so it was awesome. I was the wicked witch and Drew dressed up like and Alpine Yodeler! We love holidays!

Going to NY

So we are heading to the big apple for Thanksgiving. Everybody tune your TV's in because I am dead set on appearing in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade! We will be in NY for the whole week and we can't wait! Here we come Christmas shopping! Here I come China town and H&M!