Seriously Scrubs?

So I hate it when I log on to check out some blogs and realize that people don't update every week. I then looked at my own blog and realized (gasp) I haven't posted for over a month (I know you're all thinking...what a hypocrite)! Well from the mouth of my little niece Shaylee "Saw-ree".
Well, I have officially passed my nursing boards and I am now working at American Fork Hospital in Labor and Delivery. It is very exciting but I must admit, I am terrified when something goes wrong. Thankfully 90% of deliveries are normal and the baby or mom has no problems (whew).
So I was thinking today about my wardrobe, as I frequently do, and decided that I love jeans! I love them so much, that I would wear them everyday, including Sundays, if I could. Lately my everyday attire consists of scrubs. I guess I shouldn't be complaining because who in all actual reality complains about wearing pajama like uniforms to work everyday?! All I am saying is I miss my jeans. Oh those sweet, comfortable, wonderful, amazing jeans. So to those of you who are lucky enough to wear jeans...count that as a blessing!