Cooking with Ease

Many of you know that cooking isn't my favorite thing. Hence the daily (okay maybe more than daily)bowl of cereal. Well due to the never ending amount of time I have on my hands now, I have found the website of all websites. You just simply type in the ingredients that you have in your kitchen and it will find a recipe for you. Voila! Simple as pie! No more last minute grocery runs for me! Try it out, cause I know everyone will love it!

So many happenings

So much has happened over the last couple of weeks...well here it goes. I got a job at American Fork Hospital and I will be rotating between Labor and Delivery, ER, and Med/Surg floors. Drew got a student teaching job at Lone Peak High School in advanced weight training and introductory to psychology. He will be excellent! We celebrated Christmas and both love our new watches, nike shox, clothes, and of course...the wii fit! Next we celebrated our 3 year anniversary on the 30th with the stomach flu in bed. :( Sorry babe, I will try and make that one up on our half anniversary. Next was New Years and we celebrated with Chase and Brooke! Life is good and now we will be filling our time between jobs at the American Fork Rec Center. We miss everyone and hope all the holidays were fabulous!