Together At Last!

So I finally flew out to Seattle to see my Drew! We are having so much fun! We look like little tourists traveling all over the city. The weather has been perfect...80-slightly breezy-and no clouds (which is very unusual for Seattle). Here are just a few pictures from our last two days together!
This is us at the Crab Pot: They give you a bucket full of seafood (crab, shrimp, clams, oysters, etc) then they give you a mallot and a bib and let you go to town! I loved it!

This is at the beach across the street from Drew's pad...the lucky little duck!

Here we are at the troll that lives below the Fremont Bridge, in his hands is an actual VW bug!

Well I will post the rest of our pics (hopefully) at the end of the trip! Thanks for all the friendships from everyone while my hubby is away! I appreciate all of you!

Seattle Update

I have been here just over two weeks. I am starting to settle into a groove. I eat, sleep, and breath pest control. I wake up in the middle of the night with nightmares of emarrassing moments on the door at a customers house. If any of you think that door to door salesmen are annoying, I'm not that type, trust me. I am far from it, I love talking to people and I have fun doing it. My friend Chase has all our pictures on his camera. They'll be posted as soon as he uploads them. Seattle is beautiful. If you're in Cedar City please keep Krista company, she is working really hard and I miss her tons.


I wanted to thank you all for voting on our blog. Unfortunately, I, Drew needed to come to Seattle for a few weeks to sell pest control. (Hi from seattle!) It will only be for a short time and I will keep you posted on all the happenings on the West Coast! Please keep Krista company and in good spirits.